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Another imitation of the telegram; The ability to convert WhatsApp groups to channels was provided.

Recently WhatsApp offered a new control mechanism for group managers, whereby administrators can restrict the permission to send messages in groups by simply imposing restrictions on themselves, and in the words of the WhatsApp groups Convert to channels. Currently active groups in this messenger can have up to 256 members. With this approach, we will […]

Increase Telegram Channels subscriber

The more members of your channel are, the more new users will connect to your channel faster, increasing the members of the channel is one of the concerns of the channel managers that can boost your business. Given the fact that the start-up of the telegram channel in the early days requires the development of […]

Why we should buy members for our channel or group ?

The answer to the question of why we should buy members for our channel or group is very clear. Most people who create a telegram channel are going to create an online business, but how can we make money from our telegram channel? The prerequisite for answering this question is how much we can with […]