Another imitation of the telegram; The ability to convert WhatsApp groups to channels was provided.

Recently WhatsApp offered a new control mechanism for group managers, whereby administrators can restrict the permission to send messages in groups by simply imposing restrictions on themselves, and in the words of the WhatsApp groups Convert to channels. Currently active groups in this messenger can have up to 256 members.

With this approach, we will see significant changes in the nature of membership in WhatsApp groups, and these forums which are local for dialogue among members, are exchanged for a variety of statements (from schools or working groups, etc.).

This new feature can be considered the latest step in one of the Facebook sub-categories to give more control to group managers.

The WatsApp also provided a number of other new features to users, including the possibility to add additional descriptions of the goals, debatable topics, and guidelines for membership in the groups by admins to the continued membership of the admins in the group. Which they have set up themselves.

We need to point out that this Facebook-encrypted messenger now has 1.5 billion active monthly users in India, and has previously become a site for false news and hostility with ethnic and religious minorities in
India. There was a lot of criticism, and perhaps this is the factor behind the recent update.


Criticisms against the WhatsApp in India grew especially this week, when rumored that a 500-member group in Madhya Pradesh was dressing like prostitutes and attacking pedestrians to steal their organs. The false news was immediately handed over to the WhatsApp and ultimately pushed a group of 50 to 60 people to attack two innocent men (in order not to let those two men become members of the trafficking of human organs) and To murder. Police joined the WhatsApp groups to find out the perpetrators of the publication of the false news, and then found that three men had done this and eventually arrested them.


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